November Resources

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Welcome to November! If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are falling fast and some places already have snow. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to spring!       November starts off with the Day of the Dead (November 1-2, 2014). This joyous Mexican holiday celebrates the lives of deceased […]

October Resources

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Welcome to October! Such an exciting time of year – bright days, cool nights, colorful leaves and things that go bump in the night. Of course, the big October favorite is Halloween (October 31, 2014). Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween? Throw a Halloween party! Tell some Halloween jokes. Make some Halloween crafts. Eeeuw, […]

Halloween Resources

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Halloween is one of those holidays that is loved by both kids and grownups. As it approaches, I wanted to share this big list of resources from all corners of the Feldman Publishing network. Here goes: From Halloween Fun: our holiday mini-site with tips, tricks, and printable fun! Halloween Games from Surfnetkids Games More […]

September Resources

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Welcome to September! We can’t believe how fast the summer has flown. Some kids are in school already, others don’t start until after Labor Day – but in any case, the lazy days of summer are soon to be behind us. Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, of course, in which case you are […]

Back-to-School Resources

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It’s hard to believe that the summer has flown by so quickly, but it’s time to think about school again! In some places, students are already hard at work – in others, they might have a respite until Labor Day. But one thing is sure, school is coming! Study Skills and Homework Help These Surfnetkids […]

August Resources

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Welcome to August! In the Northern Hemisphere, these are truly the hazy, lazy days of summer. In some places, kids are going back to school already! It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly. Did you know that ships once had to go all around South America to get from New York to Los […]

July Resources

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Welcome to July! If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, this is when we really get set into summer. Not a hint of fall yet anywhere! In the Southern Hemisphere, it is now well and truly winter. Whatever you have, enjoy every day! To celebrate the release of the family action adventure movie EARTH TO […]

Father’s Day Resources

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My daughter graduated from college, and I just had a birthday. What’s does all this mean? June is here and Father’s Day is just around the corner! From and a few other sites, here are some Father’s Day resources to enjoy. Father’s Day coloring pages — free to print and color in seconds Father’s […]

June Resources

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Welcome to June! It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost half over already. Many school children are already enjoying their summer vacation, while others can’t wait for the end of this month. Did you know that June is Dairy Month? Read some interesting dairy resources Find the scrambled health words Play Milk for Kittens […]

May Resources

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Welcome to May! Spring is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern Hemisphere greets the welcome relief of autumn. Snow is melting, flood preparations are underway, green is showing up everywhere. Spring! May is National Flower Month (May, 2014). Enjoy a flower garden game Watch a video about edible flowers Have fun with […]